Cosplay wigs: an important part of cosplay costumes

By now, cosplay seems to be a inherent part of the european youth culture. The acronym ‘Cosplay’ itself is created out of the english word ‘costume’ and ‘play’. So, in short, cosplay is about dressing up playfully. Often, the elaborate cosplay costumes are modelled after virtual characters taken from japanese manga comics or anime movies. Remarkable examples in this regard are characters from well known series such as Vocaloid, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Bleach or Sailor Moon.

Apart from the representation of a series character by using a very detailed and accurate costume, one should also try to imitate the hair colors and hair styles, which are often rather unusual. The perfectly styled hair is an important element of a Cosplay costume. No big effort is needed for a short Cosplay headdress, in most cases self-made hairstyling can be done on your own, such as dying some hair strands or modeling a spiky hairstyle with the use of some hairspray. If you like it more convenient or if you just need an extraordinary hairstyle for Cosplay, you should consider buying a Cosplay Wig.

Cosplay wigs are available in many colors and unusual shapes, whether you need one in pink, blue, or yellow, with or without hair clips, everything is possible. For instance, if a cosplayer wants to act as one of the character of the Vocaloid series, it might be recommendable to use a short-hair wig and to a add a Clip-in Ponytail on each side of the wig. Some of the hair clips have a length of about one meter, the handling of these hairpieces is not very easy because of their weight and length. For the Cosplayers who want to style their wig or hairpiece on their own, we would recommend to choose a product which was made from heat resistant synthetic hair. This special synthetic fibers can be styled into the desired shape with a flat iron, but the temperature of the flat iron has to be 200 °C or less.

The cosplay scene is meeting on so-called conventions, at these special events the cosplayers show off their latest outfits. The best cosplayers in the scene are taking part in competitions,  where in particular the costumes and the theatrical performance will be assessed. In order to stand out from the crowd, the best cosplayers have to invest take a lot of efforts for the production their costumes. It is not well regarded among the pros of the cosplay scene, to buy costumes off the rack. The creation of custom made cosplay outfits is very laborious, it can take several week to create such a piece of art. Even the regular wigs for cosplay which are commercially available are often being modified into new stunning hair creations. Some advice on how to put on a cosplay wig is shown in the video above.

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