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Remarkable celebrity wigs

Quite a few celebrities have one thing in common: they seem to like wearing wigs for one reason or another. Some stars like Jessica Simpson even have their own wigs label. This doesn’t mean that those celebrities, although often rich, always have the wigs that suit their face best. The famed internet newspaper Huffington Post initiated a picture poll showcasing several stars like Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse wearing wigs or hair extensions and asking the readers who’s wearing the worst wig.

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Choosing the right wig for your realistic mask

Realistic masks made from latex are usually sold without artificial hair attached to the mask. Although a few masks come with hair airbrushed onto the top of the mask, this is not very realistic when a closer look is taken. The effect of a diguise made with these masks without a wig is usually only effective when seen from a certain distance, as the painted hair will be noticed for sure when seen from a short distance.

If one wishes to use a realistic mask without having a bald head, one has to look after suiting accessoiries. Naturally, wigs are suited best to imitate natural hair. So what kind of wig is suited best? Cheap costume wigs like popstar wigs, afro wigs or celebrity wigs are more or less inappropriate for this usage as they are often of low quality. Also, often these carnival wigs only have a short durability and wear out quick. High quality, hand made wigs made from human hair seem unsuitable as well. Even though these kind of wigs are very lifelike, their high cost make them not the first choice for using them with masks. So, the usage of a wig situated in the middle price segment seems to be the best choice. These wigs can be bought for a price as low as 30 Euros and are typically made as lace wigs using artificial hair fibres that are fixed to a textile tape. These wigs are good value for the price and relatively realistic, as can be seen below.

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How To Put On A Lace-Front Wig

A lace-front wig gives an realistic appearance front part of a wig using double sided tapes, glue or other adhesive. This special type of wig construction makes the artificial hair look like it is growing out of your head. It can give you more glamor and can make you feel like you are a part of the latest trend. Lace-front wig can stay on your head for almost one month before you have to remove it. When placing a lace-front wig on your head, you must do the process carefully for the adhesive and the wig itself might cause damage on your scalp and hair. Putting a lace-front wig could be a little hassle and may take time. It doesn’t need expertise but it does need proper handling.

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How to put in hair extensions clip-ins

Got short hair but want to get longer hair for that party you’re eyeing to come? Or maybe you want to have a new look so your crush would turn his head in your direction? Or you just want to simply look fabulous with longer hair? Or maybe you’re just freaking boring with life and you want to have a new look right at the very moment? However, fairy godmother is nowhere to be found to do the trick for you. Well, the good news is, you can do it all by yourself through hair extensions, and get that longer hair in a few minutes – just like magic.

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How to style clip-in hair extensions – curly hair

There are times when boredom really hit us that sometimes we would like to get a fresher look. One way to get a new you is tweaking our hair. So, you already applied hair extensions to your hair, however you still find it a little dull-looking. You think of ways to make it more exciting. Why not curl these human hair extensions? Sounds good?

First thing to do is make sure your curling iron is ready and completely functional. Then split your hair into two and take a section from the very end. It’s up to you if you’d take smaller or bigger sections. Smaller ones will create smaller curls, and bigger sections for bigger curls. Comb it and make sure they are tangle-free. Then clamp the curling iron in the middle, twist it and drag it down, twist it, open the clamp and drag it down, twist and drag until you get to the very end of your hair, hold it for a couple of seconds and then let go and toss it in the back.

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