How To Detangle A Wig

Detangling a wig is not as easy as detangling the natural hair. Wig’s fiber are more complicated to brush since wigs are made of naturally dry materials unlike our hair that has natural moisture making it easy for us to comb it. You can not use your natural hair brush to brush off the tangle on your wig. The bristles on your hair brush may ruin the synthetic hair of your wig. What you need is a wig brush. It would be easier for you to do the detangling process if you place the wig on a wig head or a wig stand. This makes it easier for you to take control of the wig.

You may need a wig detangling spray for tougher tangles. These sprays are available in wig shops and cosmetic stores. Hold the spray few inches away from the wig and spray it on the wig as you do the following process.

To begin detangling, use your fingers to comb the the top part of the wig. This prevents any breakage on the wig’s strands. Your hand can control the wig easily with each strokes that you make.

With the use of a wig brush, start brushing the tangle on the bottom part of the wig. Work your way up. Do the brushing gently and carefully.

It is good if you do the detangling process inch by inch. This technique may look like forever to finish but this is actually the quickest way to detangle the wig.

Repeat the process until you finish detangling all sides of the wig. Place the wig on the wig stand and let the air dry it.

There are other approaches to detangle wigs, so here are a couple video tutorials.

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