How to take care of your costume wig

Costume wigs made from synthetic hair are on the one hand relatively inexpensive compared to wigs made from human hair. That’s why most of the costume wigs available on the market are made out of the former. There is one slight drawback for wigs made from synthetic fibres though: they tend to be less durable than their more expensive peers. If you follow some of the advices given in this article on how to take care of your costume wig, you may extend the lifetime of your wig considerably. Of course, first of all you should follow the instructions coming along with your wig. After that, there are things to avoid and things to do from time to time to keep your wig in a good condition.

Generally speaking, there are two large areas that need to be taken care of when owning a synthetic hair wig: you need to keep it clean and stylish. Concerning the keeping the wig clean part, it should be noted that wigs made from synthetic hair usually require washing after having be worn for two weeks. Before washing, it is necessary to remove any knots that might have formed within the hair, for example using a wig brush. If this has been achieved, the wigs should be carefully washed with lukewarm water and special wig shampoo by moving the wig gently in the water for a few minutes, but without rubbing the hair. Thereafter, the wig has to be rinsed in clear, lukewarm water to remove any shampoo that is left. To support the proper realigning of the hair fibres, a special wig conditioner suited for the product may be applied at this stage, although this is not an essential step. Finally, the water has to be carefully removed from the wig. This should be done at first by letting it drip off and after that, by gently knocking the hair on an absorptive and dry pad, for example a hand towel. It is advisable to do this without wringing or twisting to avoid any damage to the hair. Finally, it can be left laying there flat to fully dry naturally.

The second area that needs attention is to keep or restore a good looking appearance of the wig. Comparable to natural hair, this requires on the one hand regular brushing of the wig. Best used for this is either a wide toothed comb or a special comb for wigs. Brushing should always start at the ends of the hair and after the hair has been straightened out, slowly working upwards. Please note that wigs should only be brushed when they are dry, while wigs with special hair like afro wigs should rather be dressed with pure fingers. If your wigs starts to look old after some time, the application of silicone spray might renew the apperance a bit. Beside brushing the wigs, many wig owners might also want to style them according to their wishes. This can be done to some extend with synthetic hair wigs as well, although they are most often already styled when bought. Best used for this task is special liquid mousse designed for wigs. Also, if you know what you are doing, it is also thinkable to cut the wig to a hairdo you want.

Of course, there are things that should not be done if you wish to keep your wig in an acceptable state. Foremost, this getting any source of extreme heat anywhere near your wig, as this will melt or damage the synthetic fibres. Also, hot water might do harm to your wig. For taking care of your wig, try to utilise only products that were explicitly cleared for such usage, as described above. For storing your wig, it is advisable to use special heads made for this application. Finally, try not to brush your wig when it’s wet. Please note that this list isn’t necessary complete, more warnings might be provided by the producer of your wig in he data sheet often coming with it, please adhere to them as well.

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