How to maintain human hair extensions?

The demand for hair extension made from real human hair is increasing worldwide, resulting in rising prices for these products. So, anyone looking to have nice, long hair just like the hollywood stars has to dig deep into his pockets nowadays. In result, users of hair extensions usually are interested in a long lifetime of the expensive extensions, which should be achievable by abiding some aspects. We have gathered important hints that may help you in achieving this. Please note that the hints given below are just for your information and that you should also and primarily take note of the instructions given by the producer of your hair extensions. Although we have researched the instructions given below properly, We assume no liability for any damages caused by the usage of them.

So, why do remy hair extensions require a special maintenance ? The raw hair used for the production of the hair extensions products (such as clip-in extensions, microring extensions, bonding extensions, lace extensions) is usually sourced in Asia. As the asian human hair is thicker than european hair, has a round profile and usually comes in darker tones only (black and dark brown), it has to be treated using chemicals to make them compatible for the european and american markets. Basically, this is done by exposing the hair fibres to an acid bath in which the cuticle of the hair is dissolved. This treatment reduces the profile of the hair fibres, making them comparable to european hair. The main drawback of this method is that the hair gets brittle and strained, making necessary the application of a silicone layer to counter these effects and providing the hair with a nice and natural gloss. One problem connected with this approach is that the silicone layer is reduced every time the extensions are wet washed, making the hair look increasingly brittle and strained again. Without the help of special hair care products the extensions will look unattractive relatively fast, also because the hair extensions aren’t supplied with nutrients via the scalp.
So what can be done to ensure a long life for your hair extensions. Some tips we have:- The hair should be brushed carefully at least once a day, preferrably with a brush suited for hair extensions
– If available to you, the hair extensions should be washed using a dry shampoo
– Human hair extensions shouldn’t be washed wet, as the silicon coating of the hair fibres gets washed away bit by bit if done so
– If washed wet anyways, the hair should be pat dry carefully
– To keep the extensions nice and smooth, the application of a deep conditioner with cholesterol is recommended from time to time
– Also, a maintenance agent containing silicone should be applied on the dry hair after washing
– The aformentioned care products should be applied in small doses to the mids and ends of the hair
– When sleeping, the hair should either be wrapped in a satin cloth or braided to avoid felting of the hair
– Alternatively, clip-in extensions should be removed overnight
What should be avoided?
– Never dye the hair
– Do not blow-dry your hair or wash your hair over the head (rather wash your hair while laying the hair back, just like your hairdresser would do)
– Do not bath either in swimming pools or in the sea as the chlorinated or salty water is potentially harmful for human hair extensionsIf you follow these advices, you will enjoy your siliconized hair extensions for a long time.

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