Choosing the right wig for your realistic mask

Realistic masks made from latex are usually sold without artificial hair attached to the mask. Although a few masks come with hair airbrushed onto the top of the mask, this is not very realistic when a closer look is taken. The effect of a diguise made with these masks without a wig is usually only effective when seen from a certain distance, as the painted hair will be noticed for sure when seen from a short distance.

If one wishes to use a realistic mask without having a bald head, one has to look after suiting accessoiries. Naturally, wigs are suited best to imitate natural hair. So what kind of wig is suited best? Cheap costume wigs like popstar wigs, afro wigs or celebrity wigs are more or less inappropriate for this usage as they are often of low quality. Also, often these carnival wigs only have a short durability and wear out quick. High quality, hand made wigs made from human hair seem unsuitable as well. Even though these kind of wigs are very lifelike, their high cost make them not the first choice for using them with masks. So, the usage of a wig situated in the middle price segment seems to be the best choice. These wigs can be bought for a price as low as 30 Euros and are typically made as lace wigs using artificial hair fibres that are fixed to a textile tape. These wigs are good value for the price and relatively realistic, as can be seen below.

Most wigs are individually adjusted to the circumference of your head by a hook closure to ensure a perfect fit. Below you will find a few pictures which show a realistic mask with a wig. The mask has been customized with special paint to boost the degree of realism of the mask. The result is awesome and looks quite real. Although the mask is really good, the wig used in combination with the mask is of relatively low quality. A mens wig with a short hairdo would have looked better.
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